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Atlanta commercial construction

Atlanta commercial construction

Bathroom & Kitchen Flooring Options in Atlanta, GA

[May 31, 2016 at 4:59 pm]  

Kitchen and Flooring RemodelingIf you’re planning a bathroom, kitchen, or other remodeling project for your Atlanta, Georgia home, you don’t want to miss out on the types of flooring you can find at Tailor Made Enterprises. We can offer you some pretty spectacular bathroom flooring, including flooring made with modern, green materials that you’ll love!

You’ll find that our flooring options are very affordable and that our installation is top rate. As experienced remodeling contractors for residential homes, we have many flooring options to pass along to you. Don’t delay your flooring remodeling any longer, just give us a quick call so we can get together to plan your new flooring. We can take care of all your Atlanta flooring needs.

Green, Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

If you haven’t seen the latest in contemporary bamboo flooring, you’re really missing out. This perfectly green option will elevate your home’s aesthetics several notches above elegant and beautiful. Bamboo is a quick growing grass, not a hardwood. It grows at such a fast rate that it’s one of the best renewable flooring sources available.

Bamboo flooring is naturally resistant to moisture, insects, bacteria, and heat. Plus, it’s easy to care for. Bamboo flooring comes in wide planks, just like oak, maple, or other hardwood floors. In terms of longevity and durability, it’s one of the toughest floors on the market. Options allow you to choose from light to dark stains.

Options In Vinyl Flooring

Our vinyl floors are popular because they are very inexpensive and will make any Atlanta bathroom or kitchen look great. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen, but don’t have a large budget to spend on flooring, then vinyl flooring is the way to go. It’s durable and comes in many styles that will look great in your Atlanta home.

Tile Flooring Options

Tile is durable and easy to replace, which makes it a popular option in flooring. With so many choices out there and so many ideas, it can be hard to narrow down what’s right for your Atlanta home. Tile can come in many different materials from natural stone options to composites in vinyl and even wood floor tiles. If you have an idea of how you’d like your new flooring to look, then you’re well on your way to having that beautiful new floor. If you’re having problems deciding, then we’re here to help.

We can also help chose your bathroom flooring if you find the decision difficult to make. We can help you figure out what is best for you and your family. Quality flooring options may be a bit daunting, but there is a great flooring for your home waiting to be discovered at Tailor Made Enterprises of Georgia LLC.

Give the Atlanta, GA bathroom flooring specialists a call today. We promise you won’t regret asking for our top-rate service! For flooring options you’ll love, count on Tailor Made Enterprises of Georgia LLC!

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