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Atlanta commercial construction

Atlanta commercial construction

Restaurant Construction in Atlanta

Atlanta Restaurant construction

Whether it's fine dining or fast food, an owner-operated restaurant or a national chain, a renovation or ground-up construction, the professional Atlanta commercial construction contractors at Tailor Made Enterprises of Georgia, LLC can assist you with any restaurant construction project you're working on. Our high quality construction services will help you ensure that your restaurant is successful right from the start. We'll ensure a great restaurant construction by always providing:

  • Custom Design
  • Professional Painting
  • Lighting Design
  • Kitchen Design and Construction
  • Quality Craftsmanship

We'll make sure that your Atlanta area restaurant is compliant with health department regulations, city & county codes, and ADA codes. We use only the highest quality materials, and our experienced professional will provide you with high quality design and construction services.

Contact us today to begin your restaurant construction project, and we'll be looking forward to helping you turn your ideas into a reality.

Our Atlanta Restaurant Construction Services Include:

  • Pre-Construction
    • Phasing Plans
    • Custom Design
    • Estimates, Budgeting
    • Engineering
    • Status Reporting
  • Construction
    • Scheduling
    • Quality Control
    • Safety Management
    • Subcontractor Management
  • Post-Construction
    • Certificate of Occupancy
    • As-Built Documentation
    • Commissioning and Warranty Programs

Front and Back of House Design and Construction

Our commercial construction contractors will work with you directly to design both the front-of-house of your restaurant and its kitchen.

We'll make sure that the front-of-house design is consistent with your restaurant's theme and helps you create the atmosphere that you're looking for. After you've approved the design, we'll move forward with a streamlined work schedule and quality workmanship.

When you're designing a commercial kitchen for your Atlanta area restaurant, there are a number of things that need to be incorporated, including:

  • Receiving Area
  • Storage Areas for Cold and Dry Products
  • Prep Tables and Areas
  • Production Areas
  • Service Areas
  • Dish & Cleaning Areas
  • Trash and Waste Space

In order for your kitchen to function properly, its design should feature these elements in an integral way. Our professionals will ensure that your kitchen designed in a way that will increase productivity and help you keep your work streamlined during even the busiest rushes.

Recent Projects: TCBY

This was a fun project: TCBY is making strong strides in their industry and they're giving their franchisees the right tools to make it happen. We went to other stores to check out what we were getting into, so we had seen the wall layout, toppings car, and design elements like chiseled soffit, the wave wall, and the zebra wood wall. But until we actually worked on the project, we had no idea of the detail and complexity of this project.

Every detail had to be just right, and while we faced a lot of challenges, our subcontractors came through, and the owner was extremely helpful in the research department.

This was Tailor Made Enterprises of Georgia, LLC's first of five TCBY projects in the Atlanta area.

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"Jeff and staff are excellent to work with from a project coordinator stand point. Besides being great at what they do they are always helpful, courteous, professional, accept change well and Jeff always answers the phone - imagine that!"

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