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Professional Atlanta Facade Renovation

Atlanta Facade Renovation

Commercial buildings are usually constructed using exterior finishes that offer the appearance of permanence and professionalism, as opposed to the more casual look of residential spaces. The commercial construction professionals at Tailor Made Enterprises specializes in a large number of commercial facade choices which will offer your commercial space durability, design and personalization of material.

For your Atlanta facade, we can provide facade renovation including fiber cement siding, exterior insulation finishing systems, stucco, stone, brick and brick veneer. These facade renovation options are some of the most popular and durable options available when choosing the exterior for your commercial building. Your final commercial facade choice will depend on a variety of factors including the desired look, level of maintenance as well as location. Our experienced commercial contractors can advise you on the best options for your commercial building's facade.

Our Atlanta Facade Renovation Services

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View Our Completed Atlanta Facade Construction Projects

Sprayberry Square Façade Renovation

In this project Tailor Made gave the shopping center a “Face Lift” sort-of-speak by building out certain areas, covering those build-outs with EFIS (stucco over Styrofoam), adding metal copping (mini-roofs), and then painting other areas as well as installing new lighting, etc. The project took approximately 120 days from start to finish and was accomplished in 3 separate phases. In each phase we built customer "tunnels" so businesses could remain open, removed each store neon sign (and re-installed upon completion) as well as maintained a secure work area and accommodated traffic flow. It was a pleasure to work for DLC Management on this project and I am very pleased to say the project came in on time and on budget.   

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