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Strip Mall Construction in Atlanta

Atlanta retail construction

Strip malls offer a convenience that consumer loves. These metal buildings can house several types of retail stores, allowing shoppers a one-stop shopping experience and business owners the guarantee of frequent traffic. At Tailor Made Enterprises of Georgia, LLC, our Atlanta commercial construction contractors can construct a perfectly designed strip mall that will be enticing to consumers and promising to business owners.

We provide expert quality services and are dedicated to meeting all of the goals that you have for this project. Throughout every stage of the project (the planning, design, construction, and post-construction), we'll work hard to ensure that your vision is fully met. We'll also ensure that the construction is code-compliant, energy efficient, and cost-effective, without compromising quality or sacrificing appearance.

Easy & Affordable Customization

After your strip mall is constructed, your next priority is finding tenants to drive traffic to the property. A key motivator for businesses who may move into your strip mall is the customization of the spaces. Our strip malls are created with these businesses in mind, and we build strip malls that will offer your clients a variety of configurations and layout options. There are also exterior add-ons that make your mall attractive to business-owners and appealing to customers.

Strip malls can be constructed at a fraction of the cost of tradition constructions in Atlanta, and since start-up costs are relatively low and construction time is fast, your tenants will be able to set up their businesses soon, and you'll see a return-on-investment very quickly.

Appearance & Efficiency

The appearance of your new Atlanta area strip mall is one of your main concerns. It should be attractive enough to draw customers to the area, which in turn entices business owners/tenants. We can help you create bright and attractive storefronts that will look great and be easy to maintain.

Our strip malls are designed to easily accommodate the needs of many different kinds of clients who will be using your building. We can provide expansive, open units suitable for large, prominent businesses such as supermarkets or a highly detailed space to accommodate an auto repair shop.

Recent Project: Citi Trends Retail Store

This project was what is known in the industry as a "white box build-out". In other words, the incoming tenant (Citi Trends) had their own contractor but wanted the landlord to do some basic work in order to bring things up to code and have a basic white canvas to work with. We demoed the previous Old Navy store and then built a dividing wall and brought the rest of the space up to code and specs of the incoming tenant. We then turned it over to the other contractor to put their finishing touches on it.

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