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PRofessional Atlanta Builders & White Box Commercial Construction Services

Atlanta builders

Our Atlanta builders not only offer complete commercial build outs, but we can also provide "white box" commercial construction as well. "White Box" commercial construction refers to the interior condition of either a new or existing building in which only the general requirements of a commercial space are constructed. This can include heating/cooling systems, lighting, electrical switches and outlets, bathrooms, finished ceiling & walls which are prepped for painting, and a concrete slab floor. "White box" construction provides a blank canvas for you to create your business as you see fit. If you are on a strict budge, "white box" construction maybe the way to go. We can provide you with the base requirements for your commercial space and you can design and finish the interior to fit your needs.

Our Atlanta White Box commercial Construction Services

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DD's Discount

In order to provide DD's Discount with the proper “white box” we turned an old grocery store space into what dd’s wanted in order to build their store.  Part of that process was providing them with a new façade & storefront as well as waterproofing the floor and other upgrades and modifications.

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