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Services of An Atlanta Building Surveyor

Building surveying in Atlanta is important to make sure that the building plans are in accordance with the building codes of the relevant jurisdictions. The process is done by a building surveyor. He would do the inspection of the building structures. He would make sure that any buildings adhere to the laws and regulations of the local government. He would advise the owners about the proper construction so that safety is always maintained. Here are some of the typical functions of a building surveyor.

At a planning stage, he can be involved before the building plans are approved. He would check the plans and be in a position to advise the owners as well as the contractors if there are any potential legal liabilities and other problems that can be prevented. He would provide suggestions for the structure so that it would not only benefit the owner, but it would also be beneficial for the community.

For people who want to buy a house, the surveyor can do the inspection before they buy the house. This could be very critical if you are planning to buy an apartment in an old building. You need to ensure that the building itself is in good condition.

During the construction process, the owners can appoint a surveyor to oversee the construction process. He would be there to check if the right materials are used as well as to check on the progress of the construction.

Sometimes, surveyors are called to court to give their testimonies as expert witnesses. If the surveyor has surveyed a building in the past, then he could be held responsible and questioned on his findings.

A building surveyor in Atlanta can look at both new buildings as well as inspect existing buildings. In case of existing buildings, one of the most important reasons to have your building surveyed is to get a feedback on the health and safety of the building. If the building is very old, it will be very important to understand that the building has no structural damages and no other apparent faults.

If a building surveyor is working with the local government, then he may be assigned the task of scouring of dilapidated builders which need to be either repaired or demolished.

There are many different roles that a building surveyor is required to play. Both publicly employed and private surveyors have several roles to function in modern society and an important one at that.

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