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Atlanta Surveying Services (Sub-COntracted)

Atlanta Surveying

If needed during the natural progression of services, our Atlanta surveying sub-contractor, as part of a package service, will provide a detailed plan, outlining the various dimensions and features of your commercial property.

Building and land surveying is also used to ensure that the construction plans are in accordance with all the necessary building codes of the city or jurisdiction. We can inspect the building structures to ensure that any structures on the property adhere to code. During new construction, our surveyors are used to oversee the construction process, making sure that the right materials are being used as well as keeping a check on the progress of the job.

For Atlanta business owners who are in the market to purchase a building, our surveying service can perform a thorough inspection before you decide to buy the property. This proves to be very critical if you are planning to purchase an existing building. Surveying will ensure that the building itself is in good condition.

Our building and land surveyors allow property owners to better manage their property and assets. When we perform a measured building survey, some of the technology we use includes laser scanning surveying, 3D modeling, floor plans, and more.


Our Atlanta Surveying Services

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Why Atlanta Should Hire Us for Surveying

We are an Atlanta commercial construction company who proudly serves our customers with superior construction services that they can count on. From surveying to remodeling, Tailor Made Enterprises can provide professional services at prices that won't break the bank. No matter what your construction needs maybe, give us a call and see how we can help you. 

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